Dental Implants

implant-imageDental implants are changing the way people live and increasing quality of life. They are designed to provide a replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth. Dental implants allow people to regain the ability to eat a normal diet.

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. The bone then heals around the implants for a couple of months. Once the implants have healed, an artificial tooth is placed on the implant allowing patients to smile with confidence and provide excellent function with chewing.

For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves one surgical procedure. First, dental implants are inserted into your jawbone. For the first three to six months, the jaw bone is healing around the dental implants.  Once adequate healing has occurred, your dentist will then proceed with the restorative phase of treatment which involves making teeth that will be attached to the implant.

Dental Implant placement is a team effort between Oral Surgery Associates of Wisconsin and your restorative dentist. Our office performs the actual dental implant surgery, initial tooth extractions and bone grafting if necessary, while the restorative dentist (your dentist) makes prosthesis that is attached to the implant.